PrAEctiCe project is funded by the HORIZON Europe programme under Grant Agreement number 101084248

Aquagri provides sensor technology and know-how to the PrAEctiCe project

Aquagri, a European PrAEctiCE project partner based in Portugal, is committed to supporting farmers in optimising their irrigation management. With their cutting-edge products and expertise, they aim to enhance water efficiency and improve the overall agricultural output.

PrAEctiCe’s focus on developing tools supporting the agroecological transition of East African smallholder farmers requires industrial involvement through the participation of Aquagri, a technology partner, along with AquaBioTech. Within the project, Aquagri will apply and further advance their technologies and support the quantification of environmental performance with their extensive know-how and products on sensor technology in agriculture.

The provision of weather station products and soil sensors for the living labs is being facilitated by Aquagri. The technology will be provided to the African partners Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries(DALF), National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) and Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) in Africa, which head up the research and development centres in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

According to Lopo Carvalho, a Technical and Sales Consultant at Aquagri and their representative for the PrAEctiCe project: “Water scarcity will be a significant problem in the future; that is why I believe that we must work hard to find sustainable solutions for water treatment and management. One of the fields I believe has a lot of work to do is Agriculture since the world population is growing faster. Our resources are much more limited, and irrigation needs to be performed very well to increase production yields without wasting a drop of water.

On the other hand, wastewater treatment is an important issue; we need to find sustainable solutions for treating wastewater streams.”

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