Three demonstration pilots will be operated to combine local community knowledge with sound scientific expertise to produce usable, real-time data. 

The 3 Living Labs are action-based projects that optimise the use of water, energy, and nutrients in 3 different Integrated aqua-agriculture systems, producing data for validation of the Decision Support Tool. The general public and other key stakeholders will have an opportunity to visit the sites and enjoy the food grown on the farm during an open-door day organised within PrAEctiCe.

Lab 1

Aquaculture and intercropping
(Kisumu, Kenya)

The existing demonstration site (VicInAqua) located at Lake Victoria in Kenya will be renewed within PrAEctiCe as a living bioeconomy lab that aims at a sustainable integrated aqua-agriculture system based on innovative technologies. In this pilot, aquaculture wastewater will be reused to irrigate intercropping systems, and aquaculture sludge will be used as fertiliser.

Lab 2

Lab 1

Aquaculture and hydroponics
(Kajjansi, Uganda)


In a newly constructed hydro aquaponics facility, the PrAEctiCe decision support tool will be validated for aquaponics (cultivating plants in water from fish ponds). The setup of the PrAEctiCe living lab will consider several combinations of fish & vegetables with varying water, energy and nutrient needs, which PrAEctiCe will pilot to optimise the water-energy-nutrient resources.

Lab 3

Fish-poultry integrated systems (Morogoro, Tanzania)


This living lab will gather information and validate the PrAEctiCe decision support tool regarding integrated aqua-agriculture, specifically in fish-poultry integration systems. The setup will also include vegetable production by using aquaculture sludge and poultry manure to improve soil health, and wastewater from fish ponds will be used for irrigating vegetables.

PrAEctiCe project is funded by the HORIZON Europe programme under Grant Agreement number 101084248
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