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PrAEctiCe’s Co-creation Workshop Empowers African Smallholder Farmers in Agroecology Transition

PrAEctiCe partner Maseno University held a co-creation workshop titled “Empowering African Smallholder Farmers in Agroecology Transition” on January 8, 2024, at Maseno University in Kenya. The workshop was attended by various stakeholders, including academia, researchers, policymakers, financiers, agricultural experts, fisheries and aquaculture specialists, extension officers, and government officials from Kisumu County.

The workshop’s main objective was to validate and obtain feedback from stakeholders on various indicators of agroecology, including Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture (IAA) and other agroecological practices. These indicators were selected based on mapping and reviews conducted over the last 12 months. The aim was to collect feedback on the applicability, practicality, and economic viability of Kenya’s selected indicators and indicator frameworks.

During the discussion, the main focus was on agroecological indicators specific to Kenya for transitioning to agroecology. Different agroecological practices that smallholder farmers in Kenya adopt were highlighted, as well as how these practices can measure success and productivity in food systems. Additionally, the discussion continued into how IAA practices can enhance food and nutrition security among smallholder farmers, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the Kenyan agricultural sector.

The workshop participants delved into the concept of Sustainable Intensification and its principles, which involve the three co-pathways – ecological intensification, socio-economic intensification, and genetic intensification. They explored the potential impact of these principles and agroecological practices on the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Kenya and the East African region.

Furthermore, Prof. Harun Ogindo, Associate Professor, gave his presentation on the agroecological Indicator Framework, and Michael Opiyo, ICT-eLearning Specialist, gave a presentation on the Decision Support Tool Application.

The Maseno University team further included Dr. Erick Ogello (Team leader, Fisheries and Aquaculture), Dr. Fredrick Aila (Marketing and market systems), Dr. Benjamin Ombok (Risk Finance & Accounting in Vulnerable Agro-Production sector and Policy), Dr Phoebe Mose (Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Management), Dr Lilian Wanzare and Dr. Erick Oteyo (IT), Ms. Susan Makhanu (IT and Project Visibility), Nicholas Outa and Mavindu Muthoka (PhD-Students).

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