PrAEctiCe project is funded by the HORIZON Europe programme under Grant Agreement number 101084248


PrAEctiCe is pleased to announce a new development in synergies and collaborations. On January 17th, 2024, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for dissemination and communication collaboration was signed with RURALITIES. The agreement was facilitated by Gabor Mester, Pedal Consulting’s Project Manager, and Margerita Trestini, General Manager at APODISSI.

The RURALITIES project utilises an ecosystem-based approach and incorporates knowledge of social sciences and humanities to provide a multi-faceted framework for learning and expertise.

It aims to enhance the capacity of rural communities to ensure sustainable, balanced, and inclusive development of simplified socio-ecological systems (SIMSES). In addition, it strives to raise awareness among these communities about the various source points that drive climate change challenges and guide how to overcome or mitigate them.

RURALITIES aims to create a network of rural expertise and training centres. These centres will be organised in hubs, driven by a knowledge alliance. The alliance will be based on a series of concepts, such as smart villages and eco villages, among others. A community of practice, a digital collaborative platform, a citizen-led network of living labs, and a citizen science sensing monitoring framework will support RURALITIES.

This Memorandum of Understanding establishes a framework for cooperation between PrAEctiCe and RURALITIES consortia. The agreement serves as a guideline to enhance the relationship between the two projects and identify areas of common interest. By establishing close coordination between the partners involved, the agreement will help both projects achieve their goals and avoid duplication of work.

PrAEctiCe looks forward to collaborating with RURALITIES in multiplying the impact of the project which helps farmers in East Africa to transition to agroecology.

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