PrAEctiCe project is funded by the HORIZON Europe programme under Grant Agreement number 101084248

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum provides comprehensive support to the PrAEctiCe project.

PrAEctiCe partner Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has been an innovation consulting and research funding expert in Europe and beyond for over 30 years. Their track record is impressive, having been involved in 77 EU projects with 613 partners in 52 countries in 2022.

The organisation has esteemed international partners and networks. Their primary goal is to provide comprehensive support to various entities, including companies, start-ups, universities, research institutions, and cluster initiatives, in effectively managing innovation, financing, and obtaining EU grants. They also assist in expanding businesses into global markets while driving regional and social transformation through innovative policies.

The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum employs over 80 skilled professionals who run over 70 global projects from their offices in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. The team is diverse and brings a wealth of expertise and innovative concepts to their clients. Among the team members working on the PrAEctiCe project are Project Manager Dr Daniela Rios and Senior Project Manager Dr Sandrine Doretto.


The EU proposal for PrAEctiCe was co-designed by Steinbeis 2i GmbH (founded in 2016) in collaboration with project coordinator Prof. Jan Hoinkis from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. Moreover, they provide valuable support to the project collaborators by helping disseminate and exploit the project outcomes, managing financial and administrative tasks, and ensuring effective communication throughout the project duration.

The PrAEctiCe project is assisted by Steinbeis 2i GmbH in multiple areas, including organising meetings, managing finances, reporting, project management, and providing training.
The team has prior experience collaborating with the VicInAqua pilot site situated in Kisumu, Kenya. The demonstration plant served not only as a functioning site within the city but also provided local capacity-building initiatives through training and study visits. The PrAEctiCe project is a subsequent endeavour, also targeting African demographics, with a particular focus on Lake Victoria.

“I find it very fulfilling to work on projects in Africa,” stated Dr Daniela Rios, the project manager working with PrAEctiCe. “There is a crucial need to invest in Africa’s development, and we can offer guidance and expertise to bridge the gap between Europe and Africa. The PrAEctiCe project is not solely focused on technological and environmental advancements, but also on offering an African-based solution for effective water reuse and pollution control.”

Dr Daniela Rios, Project Manager at Steinbeis 2i GmbH
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