PrAEctiCe project is funded by the HORIZON Europe programme under Grant Agreement number 101084248

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM)

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), leads Work Package One (WP1): Stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer & policy recommendations.

RUFORUM will co-facilitate mapping of agro-ecology actors across East Africa and lead the co-creation of best agro-ecological practices with key stakeholders. As part of knowledge sharing, exploitation and dissemination of project results, RUFORUM will facilitate student exchange between African and European Universities and research institutions.

Based on lessons learned from the broader project, RUFORUM will lead the development of policy recommendations for agroecological solutions in the food-water-energy nexus in Eastern Africa. Emerging issues and lessons will be disseminated to academics in the RUFORUM Network and beyond through scientific conferences while other non-academic stakeholders like policymakers will be reached through knowledge and information included in the Practice Abstracts and other dissemination products. A total of 30 Practice Abstracts will be developed and widely disseminated in the project’s lifetime. WP1 cuts across all the Work Packages and consequently RUFORUM’s role in PrAEctiCe. It provides a mapping of the stakeholders and their practices which Work Package 2 will use to conduct a detailed mapping of the agroecological practices of stakeholders. It also provides the needs of different stakeholders based on which the practice indicator framework and Decision Support Tool (DST) will be developed in Work Package 3 and 4 respectively. These needs will also be used to design and operationalise the living labs in Work Package 5 and operationalisation of the DST in Work Package 6 and 7. RUFORUM also leads the development of the Data Management Plan of the PrAEctiCe project under Work Package 9.

The project enables RUFORUM to perform its core role of mobilising and facilitating university-led multi-stakeholder research and innovation projects that positively impact rural communities and generate knowledge to inform policy across Africa. Co-creation workshops and policy recommendations provide a perfect platform for RUFORUM to engage diverse stakeholders to develop sustainable research-driven solutions to development challenges in Africa. RUFORUM deploys its role of facilitating sharing of best practices in open science and innovation through its leadership in the development and implementation of the Data Management Plan of PrAEctiCe project. 

RUFORUM Staff participating in the project:

Majaliwa Mwanjalolo Jackson Gilbert, Manager for Graduate Training and Research – Technical Advisor of the Project

Emmanuel Okalany, Technical Specialist for Partnerships, and lead for stakeholder mapping, engagement, knowledge transfer and policy recommendations

and lead for Development and implementation of Data Management Plan
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